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Delhi Charter Township Community Development Department

Township Ordinances

On this page, you will find the most commonly referred ordinances of Delhi Charter Township.  The intent of this page is to help the citizens of the Township understand some of the basic ordinances, as they are summarized here in layman's terms.  A reference follows each summary for that part of the official codified ordinance.

The summaries below are only for the most referred ordinances.  To view the entire Delhi Charter Township codification of ordinances click here.  You can search through the code for ordinances using keywords.  Please note that when viewing the code of ordinances, there may be amendments that are not yet published on the Web Site. If referring to an ordinance for compliance purposes, please inquire with the Township.

Rental Registration and Inspections

All residential dwelling units that are rented or leased must be registered with the township. The purpose of the registration is to ensure adequate maintenance of rental dwellings by setting up a schedule to conduct health and safety inspections of rental dwellings every two years.

Visit the Rental Program Page for details

Inoperable or Unlicensed vehicles cannot be stored outside

Any vehicle which is not currently licensed or legally operable for roadway use cannot be stored out-of-doors in Delhi Township. Junk vehicles pose an attractive nuisance and also threaten the health, welfare and safety of the public. Furthermore, at no time can a junk vehicle be stored or parked in the road or road right-of-way.

(Chapter 9, Sec. 9-3)

Residential Fencing

Fencing regulations are intended to protect the use and enjoyment of residential property. A property owner is responsible for ensuring that their fence meets height and location requirements. In addition, property owners should make certain that the fence does not create a dead space with any existing structure, is not constructed with materials such as paneling, barbed wire, scrap metal or other materials not intended for such use and that structural members face inwards towards their property. A building permit is required for all types of fencing.

Within a principal front yard (abutting the primary access street), perimeter fencing cannot exceed three (3) feet in height unless it consists of uniform open space and does not obstruct the vision of traffic, in which case it can go up to four (4) feet in height (e.g. chain-link). Within a secondary front yard (abutting any street other than a primary) fencing up to six (6) feet in height can be constructed if setback at least ten (10) feet from the road right-of-way and required landscaping is installed. A traditional privacy fence, up to six (6) feet in height, can enclose an entire side or rear yard, which does not abut a road, without a required setback from property lines.



(Ord. 39 Sec. 6.2.4)

Keep sidewalks clear of snow, ice and other obstructions

Remember to keep your sidewalks clear in the winter season.  For the safety of the public, ice and snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after accumulation.  Remember, school children and other pedestrians depend upon the sidewalks for safe travel.  If you have neighbors who are senior citizens or are unable to clear their sidewalks, please lend a hand.  Obstructing sidewalks with parked cars or by any other means is also not permitted.

(Chapter 14, Article II, Sec. 14-33 c, d)

Parking of vehicles on grassy surfaces is prohibited

The routine parking of vehicles on lawns or grassy surfaces causes ground cover damage, detracts from the aesthetic value of neighborhoods and most importantly may prohibit emergency personnel from gaining necessary access to a dwelling. All vehicles must be parked on surfaces paved with approved materials. The location and size of off-street parking areas must also meet ordinance requirements.

(Appendix A Zoning, Article VII, Sec. 7.1.13 b)

Signs, Signs, everywhere signs...

Garage and yard sale signs are permitted, however, the Township asks that all such signs be removed directly following the event and that signs are not placed on the decorative street lamps in the Downtown area.  Selling your home or property? One temporary sign is permitted for this activity, however, off-site signs, directional signs, and signs erected in the right-of-way are prohibited. Finally, in order to maintain the character of our residential neighborhoods, signs advertising home occupations are prohibited.

(Appendix A Zoning, Article VI, Sec. 6.9)

Identify your house with visible address numbers

In emergency situations it is vital that emergency personnel are able identify your home or building. In order to ensure this happens, the Township requires that all buildings have address numbers affixed to the exterior of the building, placed in a position that is plainly visible from the roadway. Please do not use alphabetical numbering such as "one" or "two" as this is not always readily identifiable.

(Chapter 3, Art. V)

Roadway or road right-of-way parking

At no time can an unlicensed or inoperable vehicle or a vehicle offered for sale be parked in the roadway or road right-of-way (e.g. between the road and sidewalk). Trailers, recreational vehicles and motor vehicles having a gross vehicle weight in excess of ten thousand pounds (10,000lb.) are also prohibited from being parked in the roadway or road right-of-way within residential neighborhoods.

(Chapter 17, Art. 3, Div. 2)

Keep your trash in covered containers

Household rubbish and garbage must be placed into covered rubbish containers between disposal intervals. This process eliminates the danger of rodent infestation and incidents of blowing trash and debris. Rubbish containers should not be placed at curbside more than 12 hours prior to scheduled pickup and must be kept in an inconspicuous place between pick-up times.

(Chapter 3, Article V.1, Sec. 3-87 (i))

Solicitors need transient sales license

Those selling goods or services door to door or from motor vehicles must obtain a Transient Sales License from the Township Clerk's Office.  For the safety of Township residents, this enables the Township to know who is selling goods or services within our neighborhoods.  Charitable, religious, or school-related activities are exempt from obtaining a license.  If you are met by a solicitor in your neighborhood who can not provide proof of having a license, report them to the Sheriff's Department.

(Chapter 13)

All grass and weeds must be kept below 8" in height

Excessively tall grass and weeds are unsightly, unsafe to the surrounding public and provide a home for rodents and insects. All property owners are required to keep their properties mowed a distance of 165 feet back from the road.

(Chapter 19, Article II, Sec. 19-27)

Swimming pool safety regulations

If you are thinking of purchasing a temporary or permanent swimming pool, or, if you already have one please be aware of the following regulations:  A building permit is required for the installation of any swimming pool which contains over 24 inches of water.  Whether the swimming pool is in-ground, above ground, on-ground, temporary or permanent, a minimum of a 48" tall barrier will be required to surround it.

This barrier most commonly comes in the form of a fence with a latching, lockable gate.  If the walls of a permanent above-ground pool reach or exceed a height of 48 inches it is not necessary to install a fence or additional barrier, however, all above or on-ground pool ladders and /or entrances must be capable of being secured to prevent access.  Please contact the Department of Community Development for further details.

(Appendix A Zoning, Article VI, Sec. 6.2.4, 2), d), (2))

Community Development Department Contact Information

Delhi Township Community Development Department

2074 Aurelius Rd.
Holt MI  48842

phone: 517-694-8281

fax: 517-694-1289


Office hours:  M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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