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Delhi Charter Township Fire Department

Frequently Asked Questions of the Fire Department


Q.  I understand that the fire department has free smoke detectors.  Is this true?

A.  The fire department does provide smoke detectors to residents of Delhi Township at no charge.  If your home does not have a smoke detector, please contact the fire department at 517-694-3327.  This service is provided only to those persons in owner-occupied dwellings, and the detectors will be installed by members of the fire department.

Q.  I see fire trucks driving through my neighborhood, and in other places in Delhi Township.  What are they doing?

A.  These personnel may be doing any number of things.  As an example, new personnel are frequently learning the operation of equipment.  Part of this training involves driving so that these people can get the units to the fire scene in a safe manner.  Each new member on the department must spend a minimum of eight (8) hours behind the wheel of the trucks to be familiar with their operation.  Other reasons that personnel are going through neighborhoods include fire hydrant inspection and maintenance, street familiarization, and pre-fire planning of neighborhoods.

Q.  I have a swimming pool and would like to fill my pool with water.  Will the fire department assist me in doing this?

A.  The fire department does not assist in filling swimming pools.  For this service, you must contact a private water hauler or pool company.

Q.  Does the fire department refill fire extinguishers?

A.  The fire department does not provide this service.  You must contact a private agency to do this.  It is suggested to go through the telephone book Yellow Pages Directory, and pick a company.  Most companies charge a nominal fee for this service.  As an added note, if your extinguisher has a plastic neck, it may not be possible to refill this extinguisher.

Q.  We are having a child's birthday party and would like the firefighters to visit with a truck.  Is that possible?

A.  That may very well be possible.  Depending on the scheduled events for that day, it may be possible for our personnel to visit your son or daughter's party.  The fire department is an emergency service and may be called out at the last minute, or may have to leave unexpectedly, but we do make reasonable attempts to attend functions such as this.  Call 517-694-3327 for further details.

Q.  Our organization is interested in sponsoring CPR classes.  Is the fire department trained in CPR to do these classes?

A.  Fire department personnel may very well be able to provide this community education to your group.  Call 517-694-3327 for further details.



Fire Department Contact Information

Delhi Township Fire Dept.

2074 Aurelius Rd.
Holt MI  48842

phone: 517-694-3327

fax: 517-699-3879


Office hours:  M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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