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Delhi Township Departments

Below is a listing of the various departments for Delhi Charter Township.  A brief list of services provided by that department is included to help you find the department you need.  For more detailed information, visit the department page by clicking on the department name.

Supervisor's Office - John Hayhoe - Supervisor

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-2137    Fax:  (517)  699-3847

Moderates board meetings, Board of Trustees Agendas, Township Budget, Commission Appointments

Clerk's Office - Evan Hope, CMC - Clerk

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-2135    Fax:  (517) 699-3881

Voter Registration,Elections, Cemeteries, Board of Trustees Minutes, Passport Services, Notary Public, Transient Sales Licenses, FOIA Coordinator, Township Web Site

Treasurer's Office - Roy Sweet - Treasurer

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-0333    Fax:  (517) 694-3434

Taxes, Sewer Billing, Receives, Receipts and Deposits all money, Invests Township Money

Accounting Department

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 699-3858    Fax:  (517) 268-3062

Township Budget , Financial Statements, General Ledger, W-2's, 1099's, Accounts Payable, Payroll

Assessing Department

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-1502    Fax:  (517) 694-3316

Property Assessments/Personal Property Assessments, Property Legal Descriptions, Property Splits

Community Development/Planning/Building Department

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-8281    Fax:  (517) 694-1289

Planning/Zoning Enforcement/Zoning Variances/Zoning Issues, Enforcement of ordinances pertaining to blight (tall grass, weeds, junk cars, etc.), Staff Assistance to Planning Commission, Construction Code Enforcement, Special Use Permits, Building Permits, Site Plans, Inspections, Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permits

Downtown Development Authority Department (DDA)

2045 Cedar St.;    email   

Phone:  (517) 699-3866    Fax:  (517) 699-3878

Business Promotion/Retention, Business Rehabilitation Programs, DDA area Streetscape/Beautification Projects, Community Event Assistance

Fire Department

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-3327    Fax:  (517) 699-3879

Fire Protection, EMS (ambulance), Fire Safety/Prevention, Burning Permits and Recreational Burning Permits

Information Technology Department

2074 Aurelius Road    email

Township Computer Systems/Network

Manager's Department

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-2137    Fax:  (517) 699-3847

Board of Trustees Agendas, Township Budget, Township Ordinances, Liquor Licenses, Community Relations, Township Policies, Personnel

Police (Ingham County Sheriff - Delhi Division)

2045 Cedar St.;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-0045

Police Services, Road Patrol, Community Policing, Community Business Officer, Neighborhood Watch

Parks & Recreation Department

2074 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 694-1549    Fax:  (517) 694-1289

Township Parks, Recreation Programs/Sports Programs, Senior Citizen Programs, Special Events

Public Services Department

(Publicly Owned Treatment Works Division)

5961 McCue Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 699-3873    Fax:  (517) 694-1490

Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Pre-Treatment Program, Household Grease Collection

(Maintenance Division)

1492 Aurelius Road;    email   

Phone:  (517) 699-3874

Infrastructure Maintenance (sewer repair, sewage backup), Buildings and Grounds Maintenance, Cemetery Maintenance, Township Safety Training and Procedures

This page was updated May 24, 2018