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Rental Registration and Inspection Program

Delhi Charter Township Ordinance No. 102.6, requires all residential dwelling units that are rented or leased be registered with the township. The purpose of the registration is to ensure adequate maintenance of rental dwellings by setting up a schedule to conduct health and safety inspections of rental dwellings every two years.

The Rental Property Fee Schedule is as follows:

Rental Property Registration Fees:


Registration Fee


Plus Unit Fee


i.e. Single Family House = $143 - Duplex = $176, etc.




Re-Inspection Fees:


1st Re-Inspection Fee


2nd Re-Inspection Fee


3rd Re-Inspection Fee


4th Re-Inspection Fee




Unregistered Rental Investigation Fee


Tax Lien Processing Fee


Administrative Service Fee


Origination Registration Fee*


*Due if property has not previously been a registered rental.


The Registration is good for a period of two years, during which time the Township will conduct inspections. Failure to register is a municipal civil infraction punishable by a fine, costs and additional civil penalties.

The General Guidelines for Rental Property Inspections* serve as general guidelines for the maintenance of rental property within Delhi Charter Township. Rental inspections may include, but are not limited to the items in this guide.

If the situation occurs in which you believe the township has wrongfully identified your property as a rental dwelling, a Disclaimer of Rental Registration Affidavit* must be completed and returned to the township.

The "Tenants and Landlords - A Practical Guide" is prepared by the State Legislature and covers a range of issues including lease agreements, maintenance, and mediation.  It also includes many sample forms.

* = Adobe Acrobat-Reader is required for viewing PDF files and is available for FREE download. Forms are also available at the Delhi Charter Township Department of Community Development.

 If you have any questions regarding registration of rental properties please contact the Department of Community Development at (517) 694-8281.



Click here for forms relating to the Rental Registration Program

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