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Planning Home Improvements?

Planning on remodeling that old house? Time to finally build that addition or finish the basement for the extra space you need? What many people donít realize is that most home-improvement projects require a building and/or trade permit from the township.  Along with state construction codes, there are many local ordinances that can regulate elements of a home-improvement project.

Following are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding permit requirements. Please contact the Community Development Department directly with any questions or for exact construction code regulations.

  • A homeowner may secure permits for work he/she is performing on the home where they reside.

  • State law requires that a licensed contractor secure permits for renovations to dwellings or structures where the homeowner does not reside.

  • Make sure your builder is licensed, insured, and has obtained the necessary permits. You can call the State to verify past complaints about a contractor at (900) 555-8374.

  • Excavation for any structure, the erection of, addition to, or alteration of any building or structure shall not occur until a permit is secured. Building or trade permits are required for all additions or alterations with the following exceptions:

    Accessory structures under 200 square feet

    Retaining walls under 4 feet in height

    Sidewalks or driveways

    Re-Roofing 2nd layer only (tear-off requires a permit)

    Painting, carpeting, or other finish work*

    A prefabricated pool less than 24Ē in depth

    Swings and playground equipment

    Window awnings supported by exterior wall

    Minor electrical repairs and maintenance*

    Minor mechanical repairs and maintenance*

    Minor plumbing repairs and maintenance*

    *as determined by the Township Inspector

  • Excavation will require a soil erosion permit or waiver and can be obtained from the Delhi Township Community Development Department.

  • Existing roof coverings must be removed when roof has two or more layers of any type of roofing material.

  • Construction plans are required.

  • A site plan which indicates the property lines and all building dimensions must be submitted with the permit application.

Application for permits must be submitted to the Community Development Department for review and approval. Required applications and code forms are available on the online forms page or contacting the Community Development Department at (517) 694-8281.

Electronic Plan Submission Required for Applications

In addition to the required paper copies, the Department of Community Development requires plans be submitted in electronic format.  Final Plans should be supplied electronically by email or on a disk (CD/DVD) before the permit is issued.

Electronic plans should be submitted in black and white. The preferred file type for electronic plans is in Tag Image File Format (.TIF). However, we will also accept plans in Portable Document Format (.PDF) if necessary.

Email all electronic plans Noelle Tobias, Building Secretary. The file name should be the address of the project.

Additionally, if any revisions are made to the plans, required paper copies and an electronic copy shall be updated and submitted to the Department of Community Development.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Malone at (517) 694-8281.

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