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Delhi Charter Township Community Development Department

Business Event Signs

Effective November 7th, 2005, the Board of Trustees has amended the Zoning Ordinance to permit “Business Event Signs” (BES) within our community. Click here to view the Zoning Ordinance #39, § 6.9 (Signs and Advertising Structures) section of the Zoning Ordinance in its entirety. The following is a summary of the BES portion of this ordinance and the BES permit process to aid local business and interested sign companies.

Ordinance Specification Summary:


A. Signs Permitted in All Districts

Business Event Signs


1 sign (not permitted in residential zoning districts) per business.

Length of Display

A Business Event sign shall not be displayed for longer than 15 calendar days per event and no more often than once every three months as outlined in Section 6.9.3(S)(6).


Trailer Mounted Business Event Sign

a. Size of trailer and sign frame shall not exceed 7’ tall and 8 1/2’ wide.

b. Two display faces only.

c. Each display face is limited to 35 square feet

Other Business Event Signs

a. Maximum height of sign, including frame, shall be 4’ tall measured from the ground to the top of the sign.

b. Display area, including the frame, shall not exceed 24 square feet on one display face or 12 square feet per side if there are two display faces. Two display faces only.


a. In general, business event signs shall not be placed in a parking area. See 6.9.3(s)(4) for additional information.

b. In the event that more than one business event sign is placed on a single property (i.e. a shopping center) each sign must be a minimum of 20 ft. apart

c. A minimum of 10 ft. from any property line; see Section 6.9.3 (s)(3) for additional information.

Permit Process Outline:


Sign Companies must enter into an agreement with the Township. This agreements details the requirements of both the sign company and Township in this program. Click here to view the Business Event Sign Agreement in its entirety. This document can be downloaded, completed and submitted to the Community Development Department by any sign company who wishes to participate.

  • Once a company chooses to enter into this agreement with the Township – they must provide detailed drawings of the types of signs proposed to be used as BES.

  • Approved sign types will be kept on file with the Township to reference throughout the permit process.

    • Any alterations to pre-approved sign types or additions of new sign types by a sign company entered into a “BES Agreement” with the Township must be accepted by the Community Development Director prior to use by any local business.


Local business owners, or sign users, may then choose a sign company with which to lease a pre-approved sign from for their particular event. The sign user or Sign Company must then apply for a BES Permit with the Community Development Department.


Once received, the permit will generally be reviewed within two (2) business days. Once approved – the Sign Company will need a copy of the permit prior to placing any BES sign on a property.

  • Township officials will periodically inspect the placement of BES to ensure compliance with all Township Ordinances.

  • A list of approved sign companies and copies of the pre-approved BES types can be obtained from the Community Development Department.

Participating Sign Companies:


Sign Smith Company
122 N. Cedar Street
Mason MI 48854
(517) 244-1114


Terrell Associates Signs
1470 N. Cedar Street
Mason MI 48854
(517) 699-3200


Douglas Sign Company
1800 S. Cedar Street
Lansing MI 48910
(517) 482-2090

Community Development Department Contact Information

Delhi Township Community Development Department

2074 Aurelius Rd.
Holt MI  48842

phone: 517-694-8281

fax: 517-694-1289


Office hours:  M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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